Welcome to Sunny Education International.

Our mission is to recruit qualified ESL teachers for academic institutions in China and to equip the applicants from North America and UK to teach ESL.

The primary objectives of Sunny Education International Inc. are to recruit English-speaking teachers for job placements in China, and to train ESL teachers in the US, Canada, UK and China.

We offer long-term placements (one year to two years), as well as two- to three-week summer camp programs, where you will either teach English directly or train Chinese teachers to teach English to Chinese students. We also offer basic training in cultural compatibility techniques, where we explore how to teach English to Chinese students for whom English is a second language.

In addition to our teacher-oriented services, we also advise and place Chinese students interested in applying to high schools and universities in US and Canada.  We also place Chinese students in summer camps in the US, Canada, UK and Australia to study English.

Sunny Education International is committed to quality, reliability and excellent services in the areas of the special TESOL training and in the placement of our teaching applicants.  We have offices in San Francisco, and China.