Dear Prospective Applicant:
When you find our website by chance, I’m sure you are wondering
whether you could actually go to China to teach. Applicants often confide
in me about the difficulties they have in making this decision…
The concerns heard most frequently are: Will I be made to feel welcome?
Will I be comfortable with my living arrangements? How will this
experience benefit me professionally and personally? Can I handle
being in a foreign country and away from home for an extended period of
time? How will this experience affect me mentally and physically?
I’m writing this letter in the hopes that it will answer some of these
questions. But first let me say, I am honoured you are considering joining
our teaching program and spending a semester or two in the enchanted
land of China. Following you will find pertinent information about China
that can help you decide if you want to go forward and pursue the
opportunity of teaching there.
Sunny Education International has contracts with over fifty Chinese colleges/universities as well as pre-k, kindergarten, primary, intermediate and high Schools. Available placement locations are throughout China, and at any time of the year.
Our company prides itself in offering applicants an exciting cultural experience while helping Chinese students learn English from English speaking applicants. We hope you will consider this wonderful opportunity.
Sunny Education International. will help make your dream of teaching in China come true!

Yours Truly,